E-commerce giant Amazon took the market by a surprise when they took the wraps off a new concept technology: a smart-home speaker that is equipped with the ability to carry out one’s daily chores, alongside performing functions of a standard speaker. The company introduced its Echo smart-home speaker back in 2015. This market segment was something that remained untouched by other competitors.

However, Google was quick to introduce something similar but slightly better. The search giant unveiled its Google Home soon afterward.


Both the smart-home speakers are quite a show, as far as the design and functions are concerned. Let’s take a look at which one performs better when both of these are compared.

Performance comparison

A CNET review carefully details the primary performance-specifications of the two smart-home speakers. When it comes to speaker quality, Google Home was found to be bass-heavy. Moreover, the speaker does not come with any options that could help the user adjust the audio-EQ setting as per their convenience.

Therefore, it is ideally used for activities such as listening to the radio. On the other hand, Amazon Echo comes equipped with an option of connecting it to an external speaker that allows the enhancement of the audio by quite a few levels.

Apart from that, the connectivity of both the smart-home devices are also considered. While both, Amazon Echo and Google Home seem to be performing equally well when it comes to functions such as accessing music, movies, apps or setting up reminders; when it comes to responding to questions — Alexa-powered Amazon Echo takes a lot more time than Google Home.

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Design and pricing of the devices

Digital Trends claims that Google Home flaunts a simple design with a plain, white body and touch-sensitive LED lights and further represents something that would fit into any home-décor quite easily. The Amazon Echo, on the other hand, packs a rugged look, thanks to its dark chassis. As per a report published by Forbes, the Amazon Echo when it was initially launched, was priced at $179 — which is slightly higher than Google Home which is priced at $129. This plays in favor of the latter two.

The winner undoubtedly is Google Home. A smart-home speaker that represents convenience in exchange for a little price is something that is perfect for a tech-savvy home-maker, stay tuned for more.