The popular tech gadget, the Apple [VIDEO] Watch, may soon introduce more workout activities through its Workout App. The upcoming software [VIDEO] may soon offer several Olympic sports as workout activities available to use every time users wear the device.

Brazilian tech outlet recently discovered that the latest version of the iOS 11 beta may provide new workout activities that fitness enthusiasts will love. These can be accessed through the application on watchOS 4, according to the report.

Some of the sports that are expected to go with the update are dancing, boxing, kickboxing, pilates, skating, lacrosse and more.

Website iDownloadblog cited the Brazilian outlet saying that these sports will be part of the iOS 11, but leaked information on the icons was already revealed so users can take a glimpse at them.

Olympic sports

The report found code strings from the icons that revealed several Olympic Sports. Aside from the sports mentioned earlier, they also found codes for badminton, barre, baseball, bowling, climbing, core training, cricket and curling. The Apple Watch is also featuring activities like dance, equestrian, surfing, skiing, skating, sailing, paddling, kickboxing, and gymnastics.

Many of the famous workout programs in fitness centers are also included. These are functional training, step training, and strength training. According to iDownloadblog, users can also customize the activities via watchOS4, wherein they can set up a workout program as a list – just like arranging songs on a playlist – and save it for the day.

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Apple told iDownloadblog that it will further expand to make other sports available, such as pool swim workouts and high-intensity interval training. This training has been performed in various gyms as a cardio workout, because of its fast-paced movement.

Skiing terrains

Apple’s wearable device has currently been the center of discussion among developers. Mac Rumors published a report about a certain developer named Jeffrey Grossman, who shared his discoveries on Apple Watch. He looked through the firmware information.

The firmware reportedly included some references to skiing workouts using the watch, along with customizable terrains such as downhill snow sports distance, and customizable activity types.

These updates were only among the many speculations surrounding Apple’s upcoming launch of the iPhone 8. It has been rumored that the company will further elaborate on their watch product in the next couple of days. Many people are using the device for exercises and for tracking their health.