Elon Musk's controversial plan to create a "Matrix" interface that will link the human brain to the computer has been revealed. Neuralink, a company, led by the billionaire, has the goal to create devices that connect the human brain to the computer, according to the Independent, Musk has collected $27 million so far for this project and the company's goal is to raise up to $100 million, according to the same source. However, the entrepreneur said in a Twitter post that Neuralink is not raising funds.

Interface between human brain and computer

The connection between the human brain and the computer could be accomplished with the help of some tiny devices.

Musk argues that the brain-machine interface will be vital in helping people compete against robots in the future. The technique will include the procedure of implanting the electrodes into the brain, so that one day they can load and unload thoughts, just like digital information.

Help for sick people

Neuralink will also launch a product that wants to help people suffering from brain trauma resulting from tumors or heart attacks. They want to accomplish this in just four years.

The company develops the technology called the "neural network," technology that allows people to communicate directly with the devices without a physical interface, according to Science Alert. This technology involves the implantation of electrodes in the brain so that people can load or download their thoughts into a computer.

This product aims to help develop cognitive capacity.

The idea of the project was first announced by Musk in 2016 at the Vox Media conference. The entrepreneur stated that this technology would create a "symbiosis" with the machines. He also added that that neural networks would prevent people from becoming the "pet" of computers.

The solution to this problem, according to Musk, is to add a layer of artificial intelligence, a third digital layer that would work well and symbiotically. The first step is to create implants that would treat mental conditions such as epilepsy or depression.

The entrepreneur also said he was getting ready to announce the neural lace concept on Twitter in January this year. Last July the company Neuralink was registered as a company specialized in medical research in California.

Musk added that the "Matrix" technology would be available to everyone in about 8-10 years.