A wunderkind, Michael Sayman, who worked as a product manager at Facebook, is going to leave the company and decided to work for Alphabet Inc. (formerly called Google Inc.), Bloomberg reported. On August 24, he celebrated his 21st birthday.

"I am very excited to announce that I will be joining Google next month," he wrote on Facebook. He also added he had been working as a full-time engineer for three years at the company. He said that he grew up around so many intelligent people who guided him during his teenage years.

Contribution of Sayman to the Facebook

Facebook discovered him when he created the application for iPhone by using the developer tools of the company. He was hired by the social-media giant when he was 17-years old for an internship program, but at the age of 18, a full-time job in the company was given to him.

Sayman's interest in computer science started at a very early age. He started building mobile applications at the age of 13. He said that he watched videos on mobile app development on Google and tutorials on programming, design, and more. He got a chance to meet the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. The young employee at Facebook was still wearing braces.

Sayman helped Facebook in understanding the views of young generation towards phones and how they use it.

He gave advises on the new products specially made for teenagers and also helped the company's executives in understanding the trends. He is leaving the social giant for a position of Product Manager for Assistant at Google.

Why does Google need Sayman?

The California-based company is facing tough competition with Amazon's Alexa and Apple Inc.'s Siri, so it is working to fix the tool across its devices.

On Monday, Google declared that Sayman would collaborate with the Assistant team. He will assist voice-based services which are built on the databases of Google's search engine.

He will be a top priority for Google CEO Sundar Pichai. According to him, the assistant will encourage the young generation to explore the world of computer science and how to program which was once considered impossible, according to the Silicon Republic.

He said that Zuckerberg was an incredible inspiration to him, and he was glad to work with him.

During an interview with Forbes last year in May, Pichai talked about his vision towards the Google Assistant. He said that the Google's voice recognition would understand what users ask it.