On Thursday, the US rights group in San Francisco criticized some online technology aggregates for removing neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer from their services and software. The group explained that these actions go against the freedom of expression in the Net, reported by the Reuters.

The reason for worries about the freedom of speech

The group of haters was blocked by GoDaddy Inc, Alphabet's Google, CloudFlare, and other tech firms, after the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, connected with the protest of white nationalists to remove General Robert E.

Lee's statue. According to the Executive director of Electronic Frontier Foundation Cindy Cohn, the act of banning is dangerous. Almost all company holders want to have nothing common with extremists, nevertheless, their worries can make the government check more carefully if the material can be published.

"Protecting free speech is not something we do because we agree with all of the speech that gets protected," said Electronic Frontier Foundation. CloudFlare chief executive Matthew Prince noted that his decision to ban the site Daily Stormer was not fully supported.

The latest details about the Daily Stormer actions

The Daily Stormer also participated in the organization of the protest in Charlottesville.

During the protest, a car drove into the crowd of counter-protesters, and as a result of the accident, Heather Heyer (32) was killed and 19 people got injuries. The Daily Stormer published a post, accusing the killed woman, and it led to its total ban in the US and its domain switching off. GoDaddy and Google deleted it from their servers.

The Southern Poverty Law Center said that the Daily Stormer is considered to be the “top hate site in America,” as it had the offensive content for Jewish people, Muslims, and women.

The decision to ban neo-Nazi websites led to a wave of discussions online, as this question refers to the problem of a global network censorship.

When the Daily Stormer got a ban in the US, it had to relocate and change its domain to a Russian one. Anyway, the Russian media Roskomnadzor asked Russian web firm Ru-Center to block it for extremist content.

Even the Twitter accounts handled by the Daily Stormer, were added to the "suspended" list on Wednesday.The domain registrar Ru-Center got an official letter from Roskomnadzor about shutting down the Dailystormer.ru domain. Aleksandr Zharov, the head of Roskomnadzor, said that "Russian law has established a very strict regime for combatting any kind of extremism on the Internet."