Mozilla launched the Mozilla Information Trust Initiative (MITI) to combat Fake News, reported by the Hill. The initiative involves financing individuals, programs, and projects to prevent the dissemination of false Information.

The company is working on tools for the Firefox browser, which would allow checking messages for reliability, and also working with the media, universities and technical experts to conduct educational programs on the Internet on this issue.

Many giant online communities have already started to fight fake news

According to the US intelligence community, Russia used social media to distribute the wrong information regarding the 2016 presidential elections in the US.

Nowadays, online communities are spreading much fake news which misleads the public and attracts advertising revenue.

The fighting fake news has already been announced by several Internet giants. After the election campaign in the US, which was accompanied by unreliable publications in the media, Facebook announced a "war" for fake news around the world and attracted various American, German and French companies engaged in an information verification.

The founder of the public Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia Jimmy Wales also announced the launch of the online news platform Wikitribune, where volunteers and journalists will check the news for reliability. In turn, Google Corp. has added a mechanism for verifying information to the search and news services.

Firefox studied the activities of 1,500 users in the last months of 2016

MITI decided to increase the budget of the research on incorrect information on the web and the result of the first research will be declared later this year which was conducted on the 1,500 Firefox users in 2016. During the study, Mozilla monitored the news that was shared and used by the users.

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Mozilla will not disclose the amount that it has invested in this initiative.

Mozilla wants to leverage the size of the Firefox search engine and also want to improve the browsing data of news. The chief innovation officer at Mozilla, Katharina Borchert said on Wednesday that "misinformation devalues the open web. We see this as a threat to the fabric of our society."

She also added that user privacy is the primary goal of Mozilla and soon they will fix this issue. Mozilla is trying to help the web to provide a more powerful source of credible information, reported by the Poynter.