Red is a professional camera company that is popular for its world-class and high-end cameras. They are the resident photographic equipment providers for filming Hollywood blockbuster movies including "The Martian," Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2," and "Transformers: The Last Knight," among others. Last month, it made further waves when it announced its decision to join the smartphone game. RED's first smartphone, the Hydrogen One, is scheduled for release in early 2018.

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A briefing on specs

According to previous reports, the Hydrogen One will have a 5.5-inch hydrogen holographic display. Although there are no further details on the sharpness of the display, sources say that the company intends to feature 3D holographic content without the use of special glasses.

However, there was no word on how such display differs from the usual 3D content known to many.

Another eye-catching feature is the modular camera unit that provides options for different camera modules. These are intended for capturing better motion and still images. In addition, there is a module for 3D footage in Hydrogen, which is RED's holographic video format.

As for audio, the company is introducing a new format called multidimensional audio to match the holographic content being offered. Their marketing compares it to a 5.1 on headphones, which is a reference to the surround sound. The handset will also have a headphone jack.

The latest updates

Most recently, popular Youtube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee was invited to have a look at three different prototypes of the smartphone.

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First, a non-working unit representing the final look of the phone. Second, a model that features the new holographic display. And third, a fully-functional and separate camera module with lens and sensor.

The aesthetics of the Mobile Device are unique. It has grips on the edges, which seems advantageous for people who are constantly dropping their phone. As for size, it the Hydrogen One is about the same size as an iPhone 7 Plus with the casing. According to Brownless, this makes sense considering the bleeding-edge technology jammed inside the phone. Further, the huge modular camera system just will not work with a thin and small phone.

Regarding the minor features, the power button serves a dual purpose being a fingerprint reader as well. A video record button is also in place with the stereo speakers on the front. About how the display works, the video does not show how the mechanism works. However, Brownlee says he was able to see a four-dimensional screen and a converted 2D video.

Per his observation, the screen somehow creates an interesting 3D look, but the display and motion still need work.

RED has already started accepting pre-orders. The aluminum model is priced at $1,195 while the titanium version costs $1,595. With the most recent update/teaser up and running for the public to see, people are most likely to wait out and know exactly what they are getting before they decide to throw down such amount of money.