When it comes to Surfing The Internet, we often face so many problems. Problems like not able to access a particular website, writing errors during writing emails and Facebook posts, and many of like this.

Internet surfing is part of almost everyone's life and no one can resist this addiction. To make this addiction little less painful, today we will discuss some chrome extensions that brings efficiency when we exploit the internet.

First of all, what are chrome extension? So, according to google "Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. You write them using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Extensions have little to no user interface."

Or simply, "Extensions are small software programs that enhance the function a browser."

Now let's have a look at some of the best chrome extension that can help you in taking most out of something on the internet.

1. Grammarly

When it comes to writing something error-free, there can be nothing better than Grammarly extension. Grammarly extension proofreads while you write something online like a Facebook post or Email to the boss or something like that.

Grammarly extension highlights a word that is misspelled or it needs any punctuation mark. It also highlights the whole sentence which is written incorrectly or has some grammatical errors.

This is a really useful extension and anyone can use it.

It has subscription plans also. It doesn't charge you to correct common grammatical errors but if you have to upgrade it to make advanced corrections.

2. Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

If you want to capture something that is on your desktop then this extension is the best to do it. It captures your screen and can capture the desktop area that you want.

It can even record the whole screen for you. It gives you free screen recording till 30 sec if you're a free user. You can record with no time limit If you're a paid user. There are no such restrictions for screen capturing.

You can even edit the captured screen after you're done capturing. You can blur some part of captured screen, you can write texts on it and much more.

3. Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader extension is really useful for those who like to read news and blogs online.

Basically, it clears the environment of a website for you. It clears the clutter on a particular page for you and makes it convenient to read texts.

After you apply it, it makes whole web page white with only texts on it, and that's what you want, right?

This is really useful in day to day life and makes easier to read any long articles on the internet.

4. Night Mode Pro

As the name mentions, it is the night mode for your Chrome browser.

It is really helpful at night and saves your eyes from straining. It is well known that the most of the today's digital screens produce blue light and blue light is really not helpful colors to human eyes, it's scientifically proven.

So whenever you're surfing the internet in low light or in some case, if your laptop running out of battery it can save your life.

It turns the whole screen black and you can even whitelist a particular web page which you don't want in night mode.

5.Toolkit for Facebook

This is really helpful if you're a guy who just doesn't have the time to accept so many friends requests or want to send a single message to many friends at a time.

It even less with so many other features that make your Facebook life easier. Some features are listed below

  • Invite your every friend to like your page
  • Accept/reject many friends request at once
  • Click all like buttons on your Facebook home screen.
  • Message all Facebook friends

And even lots more!

So there are the probably best extensions that you can have for your Chrome browser. These all are worthy of a try. It really makes the Internet Surfing easier and convenient for you.

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