YouTube TV has proven to be a success for Google in the short span of time that it has existed. The TV streaming and DVR service was launched in April this year in only five cities but it seems the response in the age of rampant cord-cutting has been positive. TechCrunch reported that according to an announcement made by Google, the service is now going to be expanded to 10 more locations.

Quick expansion

Google is an extremely aggressive company when it comes to expansion and it seems YouTube TV is going to go the same way, as it is all set to be introduced in 10 new markets a few months after its launch.


Google is betting on millennials as a key demographic for their expansion goals and as per their current subscriber base, millennials have been the dominant demographic. They believe that millennials are going to be their most important customer base not only because of their aversion to traditional cable TV but also because of the general affinity to streaming services.

The service is priced at $35 per month and in the coming weeks, it is going to be made available in Charlotte, Washington, D.C., Houston, Detroit, Minneapolis-St.

Paul, Atlanta, Phoenix, Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne and Dallas-Fort Worth. It must be said that Google is expanding, but at a much slower rate since the launch and the service is not going to be available in the entire United States for some time.

Better DVR service

Although it can be said that YouTube TV is not actually expanding at a great pace, it does have a competitive advantage over its competitors that could prove extremely decisive in the long run. That advantage lies in the DVR services that the company offers and it is miles ahead of what is being offered by companies like Hulu, Sling TV, and AT&T’s DirecTV.


Unlike its competitors, YouTube TV offers unlimited recordings of shows for its users and that is definitely the most important selling point for the service among millennial users.

YouTube TV will also provide access to YouTube Red to all subscribers and needless to say it would make the product even more appealing. Original content is a big thing in the age of Netflix and the lure of YouTube Red with its original shows will definitely act as a big catalyst for new subscriptions. The company also stated that they are going to produce plenty of new YouTube Red original shows in the coming year.

If YouTube TV proves to be a success in these new markets then it can be safely assumed that they will eventually spread across the United States.