The tide has turned and ISIS is slowly being defeated as it desperately defends itself against a two-front war. Syrian forces under Assad and the Iraq forces supported by the U.S. are cooperating unintentionally to destroy ISIS and reclaim the vast lands they have invaded. It might be that if the pace of attack doesn't change, the terrorist group will be defeated sooner than expected.

What are the military operations made by Syria and Iraq?

Syria is slowly gaining pace after it had captured the city of Palmyra, one of the major ISIS strongholds.

After which, Assad's forces have taken most of Syria's eastern desert from radical Islamist control. However, the rapid advance of the Syrian army is due also to the air support coming from Russia. Targeted strikes on key installations by the Russian air force had weakened ISIS considerably, making the advance a relatively walk in the park.

Iraq, on the other hand, is pushing through its northern regions, where the major concentration of ISIS fighters is hiding. The Iraqi army is supported by the U.S. and like Russia, the American air force provides tactical airstrikes on key ISIS locations. With this two-pronged attack, ISIS is slowly being driven out of their territories and are now slowly on the run.

Another front is to be opened when the Kurdish forces, who are also backed by the U.S., attacks Raqqa, the ISIS capital. From three sides, the terrorist group is slowly being crushed and hopefully, the Islamist group will be destroyed in the not so distant future.

What will be the effect of destroying ISIS to the world?

ISIS is a major terrorist organization that continues to terrorize western countries.

The eradication of ISIS will be a major win for the Western countries, especially the United States. However, the real problem of the post-ISIS world is that terrorist and radicalized individuals come from political vacuums made by superpowers like the America as they topple governments and pull out of a country before stability is restored.

There are many instances where the helping hand of America became the seed for vile groups, one example is Al-Qaeda, the remnants of a U.S. backed group in Afghanistan and ISIS. Both groups came into existence after America occupied the countries of Afghanistan and Iraq and left. Destroying ISIS may be good news for many, but it also signals the possibility of another Islamist group to rise up and terrorize everyone.