#Microsoft’s #Xbox One X gaming console, formerly known as the Project Scorpio, is just a few months away. The #new console will be available with much better graphics as well as faster load times than its predecessor. The tech giant made it known that the device is the most powerful gaming system in history, so game enthusiasts should consider upgrading to the latest console.

The Redmond, Washington based tech titan claims that the upcoming device is the most powerful gaming console ever created. The company equipped the Xbox One X with AMD’s super-powered chip and additional RAM than a person could shake a stick at.

Remarkable specs of the gaming system

The Xbox One X could resemble to the standard One S, however, under the device’s hood is a completely different beast altogether. The gaming system boasts a 12GB of GDDR5 memory, a CPU with 2.3 Ghz, and a 6 teraflop GPU that runs at 1172 Mhz. These features could significantly make the much awaited console more powerful than Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro.

The device is equipped with a Dolby Atmos surround sound as well as high dynamic range (HDR). The forthcoming console can deliver a native 4K resolution for video games. The upcoming soccer simulation video game, FIFA 18, which will be included in the game list, would see a bump in the device’s performance. Smoother gameplay is also expected in the Xbox One X, particularly at 4K resolution.

While the upcoming console is fully compatible with Kinect, digital Xbox One content and Xbox One controller, the tech giant is essentially calling the gaming system a platform evolution. As the Xbox One X boosts the games of Xbox One, the new console will utilize its extra power in making the titles look even better.

Nonetheless, Microsoft’s new console is much better looking than Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro.

Release date of the device

Meanwhile, Xbox One S owners should consider upgrading to the world's most powerful gaming console, which will have a $500 price tag. The compelling feature of One S and the new console is the ability of the devices to run games at 4K resolution.

However, the Xbox One X will be available across the globe on November 7.

A November release should help balance the tech company’s console sales, as the One S console helped the sales of Xbox One last holiday season. Also, the release date of the device marks one of the shortest gaming system generations in a very long time.

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