Youtube Red and Google Play Music are two of the most popular applications in their respective fields, where the Google Play Music is mainly used to steam music while the YouTube Red app is used to access premium video stream.

The two apps are also connected to each other and always have been since their very first day. However, new reports indicate that Alphabet may be planning to meld both these apps together to create one singular experience where users will be able to stream music as well as watch videos.

Merger of the two applications

The possibility of such an eventuality was first hinted by YouTube executive Lyor Cohen when he said that the most important thing for YouTube Red was to form a bond with Google's service.

Based on this hint, The Verge published a report where it strongly suggested the possibility of a merger between the two different applications. This assertion was further bolstered and outright confirmed by Google itself.

When The Verge approached the company for comments, Google representatives said that the merger would not happen immediately. It also assured fans of both apps that the melding of the two services would be announced a considerable amount of time prior to it being implemented so that they can prepare themselves for the transition.

The company said that it is currently assessing how to best bring together the two new services so that users are benefited from the new experience.

The company also assured that it will give the utmost importance to all its music partners and artists involved in making both YouTube Red and Google Play Music successful.

The two services have been connected

The Google service subscription comes with the added benefit of also counting as a YouTube Red subscription as well. Users who are subscribed to YouTube’s paid service can access all the music present on the Google app.

This connection has been present between the two applications since the very first day.

However, many users are unaware about this system where a subscription of any one service also allows access to the content present in the other. Also, many users are impeded from freely accessing both YouTube Red’s videos and Google Play Music’s songs as they have to constantly switch out from one application and open the other one.

This will likely be fixed as soon as the two apps merge into one single program. This decision may also have been inspired by Apple’s system of integrating video with both Spotify and Apple Music.