Samsung Mobile Division Chief DJ Koh has confirmed that the tech giant will be launching its next flagship, the Galaxy Note 8, at the end of August this year. In addition, it was announced that the phablet will hit store shelves in September then rolled out into the international markets, most likely in South Korea and the United States, by October.

Ready for redemption

Ever since news of the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 broke out last year, it's been a question whether customers will come back for more. As many would remember, the Note 7 was pulled from the market after a number of reports on devices either overheating or exploding.

The new addition to the Note line also follows Samsung Galaxy S8, which, despite its awkward fingerprint sensor, is considered a handsome and powerful device.

The whole issue of the Note 7 setting on fire took quite a hit on the brand as well as on profit loss. As confirmed by Samsung, the faulty batteries that overheated were the cause of the explosion. There were many reports on consumers who got burned and alarmed by phones catching fire.

This time, however, Samsung has promised to bring back a better and safer Note 8. In an effort to assure their followers, Samsung subjected their devices to a series of tests. There was an 8-point battery safety check in the production line, which includes a visual inspection, x-ray, durability test, among others.

A few details on the Note 8

Several leakages have appeared on the internet about what the device would look like with a lot of images cropping up from different websites. However, as per sources, Samsung made last minute changes to the design.

Nevertheless, if these reports pan out, we know now that the device will come with a 6.3-inch display without the same Infinity Screen design as the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

The corners of the display will not be as rounded compared to the Galaxy S8 duo, but the slopes on both sides of the screen will be sharper.

The new note is also expected to run the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with its usual stylus pen. It also rumored to have a dual rear camera, which is first. Storage capacity is 6GB of RAM and 64GB internal with 3,300mAh battery.

Unlike the Galaxy S8, it will not have the physical home button, but the fingerprint sensor is most likely to stay.

As per pricing, one thing is for sure - the Galaxy Note 8 won't be a cheap device. Some have pegged it at around $900, but it is highly likely to climb even higher considering it has many of the same features as the $850 Galaxy S8+.