Nintendo is pushing all efforts toward promoting the Super NES Classic Edition. The preorder stock of the SNES at Walmart have already reduced thanks to the nostalgia element and judging by the initial response; the company could be looking at a repeat of the NES Classic. It is also evident that the units at other retail stores will also run out in no time. However, can still snag the device if they start following the Twitter handle of Target. A Target will be stocking up for preorders for the console and will be updating the news on its official Twitter account.

Target to stock SNES for preorders

Target - through a Twitter post - affirmed that it too would begin taking preorders for the console soon. However, the retailer did not mention the date when it would begin accepting preorders for the device. It advised interested consumers to continuously check more updates and details and also promised that it would provide the public with details soon. Currently, it seems that the retailer has not decided as to when it will open preorders for the classic console as it further noted that the inventory was dynamic and constantly getting changed.

Walmart and Target are not the only ones who will take pre-orders, Best Buy and Amazon are also poised to do the same and a peek at their website shows the SNES Classic Edition landing page.

However, neither is accepting preorders for the same currently. On the bright side, Nintendo is allegedly planning to make the console available to consumers in larger quantities than the much wanted NES Classic Edition. The latter was one of the most popular and most retailed gaming consoles of 2016 until Nintendo stopped the production of the same abruptly.

However, the device was plagued with supply shortage issues and is hard to procure.

Will it keep its promise this time?

Nintendo has a not-so-positive track record when it comes to keeping promises and has a history of biting off more than it can chew. Therefore, it remains to be seen if it can deliver on its word this time round.

The company claims that it will ship the device for few months i.e. September 29 to December end. For the unfamiliar, the console is the mini version of the original, and it comes preloaded with 21 classic titles at the time of purchase. These titles include games such as “Donkey Kong Country” and “Super Mario World.” The device has been priced at $80 and will find favor with gaming buffs.