The pre-orders of Nintendo’s SNES Classic Mini gaming console are back in stores. Tesco Direct is one of the retail company offering the pre-orders. Nonetheless, game enthusiasts are advised to place their pre-order as soon as possible as the retro console are selling out fast.

After the Japanese video game company had discontinued the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition, game enthusiasts were disappointed. Nonetheless, the tech company overwhelmed the gaming world with SNES Classic Mini’s announcement. Now, NES classic edition lovers desired to purchase the new gaming system.

Gamers are having a hard time to pre-order the console

Nonetheless, game enthusiasts have been struggling to place their SNES Classic Mini pre-order since the console was announced. Units have been selling out fast at stores, such as Very, Amazon, Smyths, Tesco, and GAME. The retro gaming system has a price tag between £70 and £80 ($90 and $103) depending on the retail store. But, sites like eBay are advertising the pre-order stock at a much higher price.

However, several retail companies across the United Kingdom is offering the classic console’s pre-orders. The stock of Nintendo’s console is continuously going in and out of stock at the British retail company, Tesco Direct. But, even if the store’s website would indicate it out of stock, it is recommended to refresh their page regularly.

Some wireless carriers, including Tesco Direct, offers Nintendo’s retro gaming system for £79.99 or approximately $103.

Meanwhile, Argos' website surprised gamers in U.K. by their sudden arrival of the upcoming console's pre-orders, and the retail company was swarmed with orders. But, the retail company is getting in touch with those people who have canceled orders.

U.K. customers who have their orders canceled are advised to give the company a call.

Console's video games

Nevertheless, the Japanese tech giant made it known that the retro gaming system will be available with exciting game titles such as Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Super Metroid, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, F-Zero, among others.

The console also supports HDMI output for HDTV playback and the game system will fire up the gaming world on September 29.

Although the price of Nintendo's retro console appears to be a good deal, gamers will need to consider that the device has limited number of video games. Wherein, the device only has 21 games.