When it comes to gaming, Nintendo really knows what to give its customers. The company first released the NES Classic Edition last year which was highly praised by both critics and users alike. The mini retro console became so popular that it struggled to keep up with its high demand.

Consequently, online scalpers took advantage of the situation and began selling the NES Classic Edition as high as three times its original $60 value. Amazon was even forced to implement a “one unit per customer” policy to slow down scalpers.

With the announcement of the next retro console, the Super Nes Classic Edition, scalpers are looking to take advantage of this as well.

However, eBay is determined to deter would-be scalpers of the latest console by implementing a new policy before it hits store shelves.

The 30-day rule is bad news for scalpers

The new policy that eBay just recently implemented stated that all items from its listings for pre-release will be removed if the release date is more than 30 days away. In others words, since the SNES Classic Edition will be released on September 29, sellers of the latest mini console are only allowed to list their offers on August 29.

This new policy must have surprised and probably devastated a lot of resellers looking to make a big profit from the high demand of the SNES Classic Edition.

What this means for legitimate buyers

The new policy by eBay has its own advantages as well as disadvantages for people who are only looking to grab the retro console for their own with no intentions of making any profit.

It would be harder for them to get a unit if they are not able to secure their pre-order as supply is a huge factor when the release date arrives.

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Nintendo promises that it will manufacture a lot more of the new SNES Classic compared to its predecessor, but getting one will still be a difficult challenge for most buyers.

The new policy may not only deter scalpers but online scammers as well. Scams are especially prevalent when it comes to devices or games that are in high demand.

An item’s popularity often leads to fake listings by scammers to lure desperate buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for a popular item.

This new policy of eBay may turn things around for the scalpers and scammers if online sellers properly implement the same.

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