Samsung announced the introduction of its Bixby digital voice assistant with the launch of its flagship smartphone, Galaxy S8, and S8 Plus. However, at that time, the digital assistant wasn’t ready for use yet. Now a recent report claims that Samsung might finally be ready for the launch of its Bixby digital voice assistant for use. The platform was previously compatible with most leading languages except for English. However, the latest version will also come with a compatibility for the language, English.

Bixby earlier came with Galaxy S8

As mentioned previously, Samsung announced the Bixby digital voice assistant (a competitor to Apple’s Siri) along with the introduction of its Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones back in April 2017.

Even though the company announced the launch of its digital voice assistant, what annoyed most consumers is that the platform did not support the language English, as expected. This was obviously a disappointment for most of the users, as their primary languages are probably English as well. Meanwhile, all was well in Samsung’s home-market, South Korea. Finally, it seems like Samsung understands the plight of its Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphone users and have therefore offered to update its platform.

Global rollout not confirmed

This information is founded on the basis of the information posted by an unidentified Reddit user, claiming that the Bixby voice assistant will finally see daylight soon. What the scary part about the announcement is, is that, while it can be assumed to be authentic by nature – the post, however, does not make any mention of whether it will be a global rollout.

Samsung has already sold over millions of its Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones all over the world. Therefore, if the company decides to target key markets only, such as the U.S. and UK then the users from developing markets might be left disappointed for now.

Meanwhile, Samsung is still expected to introduce a couple of more smartphones before the year ends.

The South-Korean tech giant has been rumored to be working on an upcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone along with a C7 Plus device as well. Both the smartphones come packed with a dual rear camera setup and these devices are expected to be introduced to the market towards the end of August. How far this information is true, is something that only time will tell.

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