Samsung is still reeling from the losses caused by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the Korean company is hoping that offering refurbished units will be able to pad that. Samsung is set to offer the recalled units in South Korea this week, this time armed with new batteries that will hopefully erase the stigma of units which previously caught fire.

The move could be risky though there are some who plan to take Samsung up on the offer but at the right price. The word out is that the refurbished units will be offered at one-third of its original price – roughly $621 – and that it will be limited to 400,000 units.

There is no official word for now on when it will be made available globally.

Refurbished with new identity

It would be wise to note that the controversial phablet will no longer go by its original name. Rather, it will be known as the Samsung Galaxy Note FE and deemed perfectly safe. The refurbished unit will come with a new battery, the prime suspect of explosions for the device last year.

Despite arming it with a new battery, it will be interesting how it impacts consumer buying behavior. Replacing the battery is an expected move considering the original ones used overheated and caught fire. A replacement was made by Samsung but even that was not spared from overheating – the last straw that forced Samsung to discontinue it.

This will technically be the third try for Samsung and hopefully, it pans out. Their claims are comforting but the verdict falls on the consumers who are open to getting the refurbished units. Hence, the following weeks after it is formally offered to the market will be critical.

All eyes on South Korea

Limited to the South Korean market, folks who don’t mind getting the refurbished units will be waiting on feedback and reviews before making their final decision.

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Until the units come out, most see it as risky until proven safe.

The original phablet was overloaded with features, something most believe to be the reason for the overheating. From a promising phone, the new battery has a tough task ahead to prove that the Korean giant has finally resolved the issue.

The fire-causing issue is not expected to stop there.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be announced soon, normally around August before the Korean giant altered its release schedule. Similar to the Note 7, the successor will be under scrutiny since it is expected to carry a new batch of features – probably even better.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or Note FE may thus not be only about redemption. It will inadvertently be a tactic to try and restore credibility and order before the Galaxy Note 8 is ready to roll out.