After a lot of rumors and speculations, Microsoft finally took the wraps off its Surface Book series of laptops. According to the company, the latest innovation is specifically aimed towards the education sector, i.e. students and teaching professionals. The laptop falls in direct competition with Apple’s MacBook Pro (2017) – which is another flagship that is equally good.

Specs and features

The latest Microsoft Surface Book runs on Windows 10 S, which the former introduced earlier this year. The software update certainly comes with multiple new features and security enhancements that make the overall experience worth it.

The one thing that might pinch most is the hefty price-tag that Microsoft’s Surface Book carries. The device is available four storage variants and the prices for the same vary between $999 for the lowest and up to $2199 for the highest. The reason why the latest Surface Book is priced so heavily can be accredited to its design and display. The device features a 13.5-inch display with 2,256 x 1,560-pixel resolutions and a built-in touch option – something that even its rival Apple Lacks. Microsoft offers four storage options with its latest Surface Pro, i.e. Platinum, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue and Graphite Gold. Needless to say, the device looks splendid in all the four color options. The firm offers abundant of options on the connectivity front as well as the Surface Book packs one USB 3.0 slot, an exclusive mini Display port, and SD card reader and the basic Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth options.

The cons of the laptop

While the above given were the pros of the Microsoft Surface Book, it’s time that the cons of the device are pointed out. This brings us to the performance of the Surface Book. The device packs a battery that the company claims will last for up to 14 hours on full charge. However, the device’s battery fails to withstand multiple uses.

It was discovered that the Microsoft's device drained faster when it was put to multiple uses. Moreover, even though the device comes in multiple storage options thereby giving users an abundance of options to choose from – however, users looking for a higher storage variant have to pay a hefty price for the same.

This pretty much changes the entire scenario. The same can be applied to Apple’s MacBook Pro (2017) models as well. Therefore, while Microsoft’s Surface Book looks and feels splendid – the device lacks quality performance and storage.

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