The first details of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 have leaked to the web, and from what has been shown, fans should expect a tablet with a lot of power but less on the innovation scale when compared to the previous version and the Surface Book.

Surface power connector will not change

Microsoft decided to work with a proprietary Power Connector for its Surface line of devices. The move is not surprising seeing as the company went out of its way to make sure the Surface Pro 4 supported all accessories coming from the Surface Pro 3.

In some ways, this is a good and bad idea.

On the good side, Surface Pro 4 users will have nothing to worry about, but on the other hand, the company might refuse to add USB-C to the system. In some ways, there is no reason for Microsoft to refrain from adopting USB-C for the Surface Pro 5 since several of its Windows Mobile 10 handsets comes with this important piece of hardware.

No to mention, Windows PC makers are moving to USB-C, so it would make perfect sense for Microsoft to follow in this regard.

The report from Paul Thurrott also went on to state that the system would feature an Intel Kaby Lake processor.

“Surface Pro 5 will not change the Surface Connect power connector, I was just told. Kaby Lake, nothing dramatic.”

Special Surface event soon?

The software giant is expected to hold a special Surface-related event in the coming weeks.

Here, the company will likely speak a lot about the hardware specification along with what it can do. Furthermore, Microsoft would probably take the opportunity to reveal the price and when consumers can go out and pick it up at the nearest stores.

Build 2017

Microsoft Build 2017 is a month away. For those who are unaware, Build is where the company reveals new hardware and software.

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It’s also the perfect place for Microsoft to speak with developers in a language they understand. Should the special Surface event get the go ahead, fans should expect to learn a lot more about the device at Build. As for the release date, it should hit store shelves in time for the back to school period.

Microsoft is preparing to hit its rivals hard in 2017, as the new Surface is not the only device the company has planned for the year.

The software giant is moving to launch Project Scorpio during the holidays, a system dubbed as the most powerful video game console ever made.

No word on whether or not a new Surface Book will hit store shelves this year or next.