The gaming sector has long awaited the launch of "Pyre," an action-packed, party game. Now it seems like the game developer, Supergiant Games is finally ready to introduce it to the market. As per their latest announcement, "Pyre," is expected to make its global debut on July 25, so next week. Alongside this, the game developer also revealed certain key details regarding its PlayStation 4 and PC versions.

Game is 4K enabled

As reported by Gematsu, Supergiant Games has detailed out the upcoming game's Playstation 4 Pro enhancements as well as the trophies that gamers will be able to avail while gaming. According to what is listed out on their official website, it seems like the upcoming game will run smoothly on 4K-visuals especially on the PlayStation 4 Pro platform.

In other words, the gamers will receive the opportunity of gaming with "Pyre" at 60 frames-per-second. Experts believe that this particular enhancement will greatly improve the overall gaming experience with "Pyre."

Storyline and the features of the game

Apart from this, it has also been revealed that the upcoming game is going to come with the support of over fifty trophies. Gamers will now be able to collect 50 different trophies, planned especially to make the gamer-experience worth-while. Apart from this, it has also been confirmed that these trophies will vary in nature. In the sense, some will be of Platinum variety, while others will be Silver and Gold. This is a major upgrade from its predecessor. As can be recalled, the previous versions of "Pyre" did not particularly carry these many options.

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Gamers will also receive the opportunity to design trophies themselves.

As for Supergiant Games, the game developer has been making a lot of headlines lately. The company recently took the wraps off its much-acclaimed Bastion and Transistor, following which the game developer also announced the availability of Pyre. According to Supergiant Games, "Pyre," is going to among the biggest and among the most imaginative virtual-world games in the market. The upcoming game is also expected to support an esports-style mode, wherein users will be able to compete with other gamers through their journeys. The trailer for the upcoming "Pyre," party-themed game is already out for fans to watch. As for the pricing, the upcoming "Pyre" is expected to be priced at around $20. Interested buyers can even pre-order it on Steam for ten percent off.