Google is an American technology company that was set up in 1998 by both Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The company has a worldwide Search Engine on the internet that is used by millions of internet users every day. Recently rumors have surfaced that the iconic homepage of the search engine will be being changed for the first time ever. Users were shocked over this surprise announcement made earlier this week. However, Google has stated that these rumors are untrue and have comments on the true nature of changes within the feed experience for users.

Google has not changed its homepage since the 1990's

According to The Guardian, Google has announced that they will be changing their homepage.

The iconic homepage of Google has been the exact same year by year since 1996. Users were shocked to hear the news. However, on Wednesday, July 19, Shashi Thakur, announced the changes that will be instated come December of 2017. Thakur is a vice president of engineering at Google and has stated that the homepage will include new music, cards for sports new, world news and new relevant to one's area.

Furthermore, Google has allegedly stated that the new changes will be available in the US in the next few weeks. The changes talked about by Thakur will change the way that the search engine is used worldwide. There has been no comment as to how the new homepage will look. No previews of a design have been released leading one to believe that this news could simply be speculation. This is further affirmed as Google denies these claims and tell the public that these announcements are simply rumors.

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Google state that changes are not occurring

According to the Independent, the moment that the company received word about these homepage changes they rushed to set the story straight. Google has denied these changes and stated that they are bringing changes to the mobile app but not the internet homepage. It appears that some reports such as the Guardian may have been confused by the company's announcement. There is the possibility, of course, that the company were hoping to keep the changes on the down low and are trying to pretend they are not happening.

However, the new look of the mobile app matches the description of the new home page. Google has announced that the mobile app will get an entirely new look with cards about news of all kind. The company has also stated that while they are planning on bringing these changes to the mobile feed experience they have not yet decided when this will be happening. Users will simply have to wait and see if the rumors play out or not but judging by Google's explanation it seems that these rumors were spread from misinformation. There has been no further comment about the issue.