Google recently barged into the high-end flagship smartphone market with its relatively well-received PIXEL and Pixel XL products. The company is expected to immediately follow it up with new high-end sequel models, tentatively called the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The devices are expected to be sport big improvements when it comes to its features, internals, and design, but not much is previously known about what exactly the improvements would be. Now, a new leaked image has revealed that Google may be taking a page out of HTC's book by using a similar squeezable Frame Technology as the HTC U11.

If this is indeed proven to be true, then the upcoming models will be the second handsets to sport the feature.

Leaked image

A new image supposedly for the upcoming Pixel 2 XL had originally recently been posted online by Android Police. The leak gives fans a glimpse of what the device may actually look like and hints at its possible features. At first glance, fans will likely notice the device's slimmer bezel, which is slowly becoming a trend for new smartphones lately. The smaller bezels translate to a larger screen without the need for a larger body. Additionally, the device also sports a slightly larger camera at the back. The device also sports a fingerprint scanner at the rear that looks to be identical to the ones found on its predecessor.

Squeeze me

According to the publication, the information they have gathered is apparently from a number of "extremely reliable" sources, which has revealed to them that the devices will indeed be coming with a "squeeze" feature.

The upcoming new Pixel 2 smartphones, which will be manufactured by LG, looks like it will sport the new kind of input method that was first popularized by HTC.

Customizable function

By squeezing the sides of the smartphone, users will be able to launch different apps, commands, and functions without having to fiddle with the phone's interface.

This can be particularly useful for quickly launching the camera or summoning Google Assistant. Another use of the new "Edge Sense" function is by using it as a way to take quick photos and even selfies.

Google is expected to officially unveil their second generation flagship devices sometime in October. However, there should be more leaks and information regarding the devices prior to its launch. There is currently no information yet regarding the possible internal specs for the device, but it is expected to be coming with some top-end hardware similar to its direct competitors. Pricing should stay relatively the same as its predecessor, if not a few dollars more.