HMD Global has revealed three new Android-powered handsets in the market this year under the brand name Nokia. However, the company is not done and plans to expand its line of smartphones exponentially. Nokia was considered to be a foremost leader when it came to handset development; however, the company had failed to maintain its footing when it came to the rise of the smartphone industry. Now, after being on hiatus for a few years, the company is once again manufacturing devices.

Previously, Nokia was synonymous with the Lumia line of smartphones, which although they boasted impressive specs for their time, did not manage to garner popularity.

This was mainly due to the Windows operating system that these devices were running on. At that time, Microsoft owned Nokia, as a result of which the company sported the Windows platform. However, in a market where Android and iOS offered better specs and features, the Nokia Lumia series failed to make a mark.

However, after Hmd Global acquired Nokia, a Finnish company, the production of Android powered Nokia handsets was started. This is why the company has now re-emerged in the mobile phone market. However, a new report states that HMD has now acquired patent rights for using the camera user interface that Lumia’s cameras sported.

HMD Global acquires patent rights to use Lumia Camera UI in Nokia handsets

Although all of the recent Android-powered handsets have been mostly well received by fans, one aspect of these phones has come under constant scrutiny. The Nokia smartphones in question did not have any impressive camera UI, which will likely change now that the parent company has acquired the patent rights for many of the features used in Microsoft’s Lumia series.

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The Camera UI employed by Microsoft in its Lumia handsets managed to impress fans as they offered users a variety of options and filters while taking the picture. Now that HMD has received the patent rights to this UI, the future handsets from Nokia will likely sport much-improved camera functionality. However, the company may also decide to introduce the Lumia Camera UI from the current generation of handsets as well.

500 patents acquired by HMD from Microsoft

Even though the Camera UI may be the most significant patent to have been acquired by HMD; the Redmond-based company has transferred an additional 500 patents to the Finnish company.

All of these patents are expected to be regarding technologies used in previous Nokia handsets, and will likely improve the Android-powered devices that the company is launching now. However, Microsoft still retains the patents for PureView, PureMotion, and ClearBlack technologies.