Last summer, Lenovo announced at the Tech World convention in San Francisco that it would be releasing a new line of modular smartphones. Branded as the Moto Z line of handsets, its first installment, the Moto Z Force has already reached the market. Now, a successor is on its way with a more powerful and sleeker model except that it will have less Battery Capacity, which is unexpected by its followers.

Why less battery?

The unveiling of the Moto Z2 Force is set to happen on July 25, and people are looking forward to having their first look on the device.

Sources say that Motorola wants to have a similar approach as they did with the Z2 Play, which came out a few weeks ago. It is reported to be thinner with a reduced capacity for battery.

Similar to the first generation of Z Force, this version boasts a 1440p AMOLED with a surface that is completely shatter-proof. As per storage, it has a 4GB of RAM in the United States while other markets get a 6GB RAM capacity. The exact measure of thinness is at 6mm, which means that users get a smaller battery. Last year, the Z Force had a 3,500mAh battery. For the Z2 Force, it is estimated to be at 2,370mAh.

Many see this as a big drop. By estimate, sources say it counts at a 22% decrease. Even when compared to Google's Pixel that has a 5-inch display, the Z2 Force is still the underdog in the battery unit.

Experts say that this move is due to Motorola's current obsession with Moto Mods, which are clip-on accessories that transform the phone's functionality and style.

What else can we expect?

The Moto Z2 Force will have a dual 12MP camera with the front camera, and Quad HD Shattershield display still intact. The front-facing camera remains at 5MP, and regarding resolution, Motorola has improved on this part.

The internal storage for the Chinese version gets 128GB while other markets only get 64GB. All versions will have a microSD slot that can take as much as 2TB of storage.

The Z2 Force will be powered by the octa-core Snapdragon 835, which is an improvement from the Snapdragon 820 of the previous model. Unfortunately, it will not have the 3.5mm headphone jack as well as the fingerprint reader on its front bottom chin.

As for design, the Moto Z2 Force will come in Fine Gold or Super Black with an additional color of Lunar Grey exclusive to T-Mobile customers only. Also, the body will also be housed by a water-repellant nano coating.

Details for pricing and market availability have yet to be released, hopefully during its launch on July 25.