Cloud content management firm Box has another big news for its millions of users. The Cloud Storage company has a new set of tools for its Box Platform. The cloud storage company made the announcement this week.

Called the Box Elements, a new set of pre-built, highly customizable building block components, same components used to build the company’s core app. This newly announced cloud-based service will encompass the company’s signature UI controls and source code for creating applications and functions.

The Box Elements

According to IT-focused site eWeek, the Redwood City, California-based this week introduced its latest salvo in the fierce cloud storage battle.

The latest addition is a new set of tools for enterprise companies, designed to bring Box’s improved user experience into any applications built with the firm’s core developer offering Box Platform. The goal is to incorporate a Box-style content management user experience to any applications, thus providing another way for application developers to make their applications look, feel and act like Box.

The cloud storage firm has invested heavily in its core platform, which allows independent developers to integrate the company's file sharing and content management capabilities into their applications. This also means that developers will now be able to take advantage of the firm's intensive work around content governance and compliance with minimal effort.

These sorts of building block materials have been designed to make it even easier and faster, especially for companies and organization that have less experience in building high-quality enterprise-ready applications.

The Redwood City-based company said that the first set of the newly announced tools, the UI Elements, will generally make available starting July 13.

It will include four pre-built, customizable components of the company’s user interface, which currently used by more than 50 million users and around 74,000 businesses, including some Fortune 500 companies.

The newly announced service is currently available as both Javascript libraries and React components through the standard node package manager or commonly known as NPM.

In addition, the company is also planning to introduce additional types of UI Elements in future. The planned additional types of UI Elements will also include backend services and industry-specific app elements that will make it easier for businesses and organizations to build more engaging applications and user experience.

The Box Content Preview can be found on code repository platform GitHub. Box also announced plans to release the additional source code, including the planned additional types of UI Elements in the future. This cloud service is currently available for any business applications and integrations at no additional charge. Developers can find more details about the new product and service on Box’s developer page.

Other Box-related news

The news about the new product comes just a day after the company announced that its longtime CEO Dan Levin would be stepping down and veteran tech exec Stephanie Carullo would take his place as new CEO of the cloud storage company. Users can found more about this information in the company’s official blog.

Founded in 2005, Box is a cloud content management and file sharing platform. The company's core Box app is currently available on Apple’s MacOS, Windows, and several leading mobile platforms.