We can be sure that Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage solutions and undeniably a better tool for backing up the computer's files. It offers you 15 GB of free storage and, if you need further storage, the price is reasonable to purchase.

Google is giving all its effort to turn its Drive app into a new backup solution termed 'Backup and Sync'. It is said to be a more robust backup tool than the existing Google Drive running since mid-2012. The new feature will allow you to select specific folders on your PC and Google will directly back up any sort of documents to the cloud.

Before shedding more light on this new feature, let's have a short look on how we can make use of the present long-running online cloud storage efficiently and gain pleasant experience out of it.

Uploading files to Google Drive is a child's play

Google has made its online cloud storage system in such a way that any layperson can use it for backing up his files. The process of uploading may be a tad slow depending on your file sizes and connection speed but the steps are very simple to follow. The sync folder simply allows you to drag and drop and the present mobile app (available for both Android and iOS operating systems) is also enriched with ingenious features, Cloudwards also clarifies.

  • How to use web interface: You need to register for a Gmail account in case if you don't have it. Then click on the "apps" button in the top right of the browser window. Then again click on the option "Drive." This will redirect you to the main Google Drive interface. Now you are able to simply drag and drop any file over into Google Drive.
  • How to upload files from Android or iOS device: The task of uploading the file to this much-adored online cloud storage is also quite easy for those users who own Android or iOS device. You first need to go to Google Drive app and open it. A very small version of the Google Drive web interface will be visible and then you will get to see a large blue button ("plus" icon) in the bottom right corner. Tap the option and a small menu will pop up and you will then be taken to a file menu to select the folder for your files (videos, pictures or even text messages). Just tap it and everything will be uploaded automatically. Ensure that your fast internet connection is not interrupted.

Backup and Sync feature is delayed

Recently, Google declared a new feature titled 'Backup and Sync', which was supposed to be launched on June 28.

The basic idea of this new feature is that it will help the users to backup the entire data in the computer.

According to Ubergizmo, Google has delayed the launch of this new feature as they want to make some improvements to the product. However, they have suggested the users follow the G Suite Updates for more updates. Stay tuned to get more updates.

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