PC users have are always aware of the real threat of a computer virus infection at any given moment. Antivirus products are obviously the top priority for owners to considers before they perform any actions both offline and online. McAfee, Norton, Avast, and others are names quite familiar to a lot of people who use computers every day.

One of those most recognized brands is Kaspersky and the company has always asked for the first-rate price for its software. However, just recently, they offered their top-shelf protection a no cost via Kaspersky Free.

Top-rated antivirus software

According to experts, Kaspersky along with Bitdefender prompted AV-Comparatives to create a new category labeled “Outstanding Products”.

The former’s software has regularly topped independent testing results for several years already. So it is quite understandable why everyone was caught by surprise by their announcement of Kaspersky Free late Tuesday. It’s a boon for all users who can finally install a top-notch antivirus product without any expenses.

Not full-featured but gets the job done

While it is evident that the free software does not come with all the bells and whistles of the paid product, analysts say that it can get the job done effectively. The program supports antivirus protection for emails, files, and web access. Automatic updates keep the user’s library definitions up to date and its quarantine function handles flagged files with ease.

Company CEO Eugene Kaspersky notes that the free software is “in short, the indispensable basics that no one on the planet should do without.”

Comparison with the paid version

The free product can be likened to Microsoft’s own Windows Defender for Windows 10. However, instead of the basic capabilities of Defender, it natively uses the antivirus company’s highly-rated technology.

On the other hand, the premium option called Kaspersky Total Security features parental controls, VPN access, and online payment protection, which is very important these days as most monetary transactions are usually done remotely. The company CEO also noted that free users contribute to the overall improvement of their protection as their system gathers data from attacks or infections detected by their software.

Ads are non-existent

Unlike other free Antivirus Software, it will apparently be ad-free. According to the CEO, “Kaspersky Free doesn’t come out with all the usual nonsense like advertising-oriented user-habit tracking and confidentiality infringements.” The free version has already begun rolling out to most territories today.