If you're a fan of Apple's Iphone Se and still waiting for a hardware refresh, you might be out of luck. Analyst Pan Jiutang, which is a prominent analysis giver for the mobile industry revealed his analysis in the fate that is to become of iPhone SE. And a hardware refresh or updates are not included in his foresight.

What is Apple SE?

iPhone SE is a smaller version of the Apple's famous smartphone. It was once called the iPhone5SE by Apple, but it was later renamed into iPhone SE. Apple markets it as a small and affordable demon that packs performance even in its size.

It has decent specs, boasting an A9 chip and a 12MP battery. Not bad for an Apple budget phone.

The most anticipated Update for the iPhone SE dubbed the iPhone SE 2 is believed to be an impossible thing by Jiutang. The industry analyst also pointed out that the SE product line is a one-time affair only. This is bad news for users who fell in love with the phone and is expecting a new update.

What might happen to it?

Jiutang posted his analysis on his Weibo account, stating that if you don't want to have a bigger phone, better start looking for an iPhone SE alternative. Because of Apple's move to standardize the 5.5" bracket for its iPhone sizes, it is possible that the company will not produce other smaller sizes anymore.

If there's a new phone that will fall to 4" display, that would be the 4.7" iPhone 7.

Previous leaks that came from China claimed that there would be an iPhone SE 2, or the 2017 edition and the refresh will be revealed at the World Wide Developer's Conference (WWDC 2017). The conference came and went in June, but iPhone SE was nowhere to be seen.

However, Apple might be planning to reveal the phone at a later date. Though other indications, such as Apple's move to bezel-less screens might prove that Jiutang will be right again about this one.

Apple and the new iPhone

This analysis is quite something that Apple might do. Since they have moved into the Bezel-less display, it would mean that the size of the screen does not need to be as large as before to achieve great display.

In this way, future iPhones would be more compact and shrunken, but their experience from the larger models will still be the same. If Apple is heading into this way, then the need for iPhone SE update is not needed.

iPhone 8 will come with wireless charging technology, which means that future phones will adopt the design the flagship. It would be a pain in the ass to tweak SE's hardware to follow suit on newer phones because of its older design.