Apple allegedly changes latest iPhone's name to iPhone SE

Recent reports about the alleged leaked photos of Apple's latest iPhone have been making its rounds on the internet, and now rumor has it that the latest iPhone will no longer be called the iPhone5SE.

Instead, according to reports, it will be referred to as the iPhone SE --- a move that will seemingly break Apple's long tradition of naming its latest gadgets numerically sequenced according to their generation.

According to a report by The Metro, the '5' was intentionally taken out from the device's name, 'iPhone 5SE', to avoid confusion; while the letters SE were left to stand for 'Special Edition'.

If these rumors serve to be true, analysts speculate that it could signify Apple's intent to halt another of its longstanding traditions --- the yearly release of a new model for each of its devices.

iPhone SE 'Leaked Photos'

Alleged leaked photos of the latest iPhone made its rounds on the internet after tech site 9to5Mac claimed to have received the photos from a reliable source.

The tech site has reported that the upcoming model will possess an A9 processor, an M9 chip which, allegedly, is mainly intended for its fitness tracking feature, a 4-inch screen, a "Hey Siri" support that's permanently on, Live Photos feature, the latest Bluetooth, cellular, and WiFi hardware from Apple, an NFC chip for its Apple Pay feature, and an 8-megapixel camera.

The site has also reported that the gadget will likely come in 16GB and 64GB capacities, and will come in black, silver, gold, and rose gold color variants.

On the surface, the iPhone5SE or iPhone SE looks strikingly similar to the iPhone5S, which makes the launch of the device seem like a step backward, since Apple has long launched its iPhone6 and iPhone6S models.

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Apple has neither confirmed nor denied rumors about its latest iPhone, but the company is expected to launch the device by March 21.

Tech site 9to5Mac reports, however, that Apple OS scheduled to hold an event on March 15, and that the iPhone SE is expected to be launched by March 18.

None of these claims have been confirmed by Apple as of writing.