In this digital age, it is becoming increasingly common to replace physical transactions with electronic ones. Making payments, for instance, has now become much simpler with various mobile payment applications. Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay are some of the latest programs using which the user of a particular smartphone can easily make their payments at a store. In a bid to improve its mobile payment service, Samsung has announced that it will now support PayPal as viable methods of payments across stores in the United States.

Support for PayPal

The South Korean company announced on Monday, July 17, that it has formed a partnership with PayPal Holdings, Inc.

This means that the company's smartphone users will now be able to use the PayPal payment method for transactions online or in brick-and-mortar stores. PayPal is a very popular form of digital payment, but Samsung did not support it till now. Many users were unable to use Samsung Pay because of the fact that it did not integrate with PayPal.

The feature will now roll out to all Samsung Pay users in the United States, whereby they will be able to make payments with PayPal at millions of stores across the country that supports Samsung's payment system. However, this feature is currently limited to the United States, although Samsung assured that the same would be rolling out to other countries in the not-too-distant future. The exact schedule of the update in other parts of the world was not revealed by the company.

Competitors such as Apple Pay and Android Pay both already support the PayPal payment method. This update will bring Samsung's Mobile Payment system closer to the options afforded by its competitors. However, although Samsung may have been late in implementing PayPal support, fans will no doubt be happy about this change rolling out.

Customers who have a PayPal account and use Samsung Pay can simply link their PayPal account to the digital payment option in their smartphones.

They can then pay for items using the balance in their PayPal accounts in stores where Samsung Pay is supported. Even while using this form of transaction, Samsung Pay users will still be able to avail the company's various value-added services including loyalty cards, gift cards, and memberships.

Benefits of this partnership

The Korean company stated that this partnership will benefit customers of both PayPal and Samsung Pay, by bringing better support and more stores where this payment method can be used.

PayPal users will be able to use this form of payment where Samsung's digital payment system is accepted, whereas Samsung Pay users can use PayPal payments at stores which support Braintree assets of PayPal.

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