ios 11 has quietly been making rounds with the third developer beta now out. At this rate, it seems the next big Apple mobile operating system is on schedule for release, something most anticipate to be happening in September.

If so, it is likely to be the main iOS for the iPhone 8 if the redesigned flagship is ready to be rolled out. If not the next big Apple flagship, iOS 11 could come out of the box for the iPhone 7s or 7s Plus. At any rate, the thing is that a major jump to the next operating system is imminent with plenty of improvements.

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Waiting in vain for an Apple crack

Despite the eventual coming of iOS 11, there are still some hoping for an Ios Jailbreak. The last update on that was that alleged iOS 10.3.1 jailbreak from Pangu – something that never really came out into the open.

Other than that, Liang Chen of Tenent Keen Lab claims that he has stumbled upon a crack though this was done using the beta version of the upcoming mobile OS. Hence, Chen’s breakthrough may be nothing more than to prove that iOS 11 is far from perfect.

As one can see, the chances of seeing an iOS jailbreak moving forward is not looking so well. Hackers are still trying but the Cupertino company has obviously found ways to improve through the years. Security has been the prime loophole but all that seems to have been patched up little by little. Those small steps have inadvertently dampened the window for cracks, hinting that any form of iOS Jailbreak will eventually be a thing of the past.

Will there ever be a crack ahead?

With the reality of it all right before us, seeing any form of iOS Jailbreak in the future would be a long shot.

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There will be hackers who will still try but it may not be a full one compared to the ones that came out before.

The Apple Jailbreaking Community waiting on that have slowly learned to live with the fact that the iOS jailbreaking era has come to pass. It will eventually be remembered as part of the sneaky workaround authentic users, exploiting the shortcomings of Apple engineers.

There are jailbreaks some will come across online, mostly from unknowns. While most would likely try them out, they are also reminded of the threats that come with it. Malware is at the top of the list, something that may leave Apple devices in a compromising position. With an imminent archiving happening, iPhone and iPad owners need to play according to Apple’s rules of fair play from here on and start using their devices the normal way.