The jailbreak community is in for a treat as Tigris Dev Team might soon roll out an #iOS 11 Jailbreak Tool. The tool works on 64-bit devices. Given that the tool remains functional, the tool will also be available for the iOS 10.3. Reports seem to claim that the tool will be semi-untethered as well as stable.

The new tool is almost guaranteed to roll out

The new iOS hacker has collaborated with other Reddit users, such as coolfool245, NickiLolzz, and BallisticDiamond. At the moment, the fairly large group has Apple's iPhone 6 as well as the iPod Touch 6G.

Nonetheless, the tool will eventually be available on all 64-bit devices, including Apple's new iPhone 7 Plus.

The iOS 11 jailbreak tool is dubbed as TigrisSeed, which came from the Cupertino-based tech giant’s codename for iOS 11 mobile operating system. The jailbreak tool is based on a 0-day exploit just like what Pangu demonstrated at the Janus security conference.

In Antique_Dev’s Reddit post, he didn’t specify the release date of the tool, but the jailbreak maker did say that they don’t plan on making the JB tool in just 2 days or 1 week. However, as the iOS 11 firmware is still in public beta, the Cupertino-based tech company can still make numerous improvements that can affect the progress of the tool being made.

It’s important to note that it might be some time before the Tigris or any jailbreak tool would land on the jailbreak community.

A good news for the jailbreak community

Nonetheless, the jailbreak scene has finally some serious movement once again, as previous reports had claimed that a new wave of jailbreak makers would step up and make up for the huge gap for the former jailbreakers.

Meanwhile, several Apple device users are criticizing the new iOS hacking group for creating a tool seemingly without any exploit on hand and announced a tool without having anything to show for it.

On the contrary, the jailbreak tool might seem unlikely to roll out, considering that the tech company is steadily increasing the security of its firmware.

Also, the forthcoming update of the software for Apple devices comes along with a bevy of improvements as well as changes.

The new mobile software has rolled out in beta form, showcasing the operating system's new feature to beta testers and developers. In spite of that, Apple device users who are interested in testing out the public beta version should sign up on the company’s Beta Software Program.