Apple has always done much to improve its ios platform over the years, and this is no exception. We know smartphone users tend to download several Apps for whatever reasons. However, some users have no idea how to manage their storage, and because of this, Apple has come up with a simple solution in iOS 11.

If you want to take a look at the new tool, fire up your iPhone with iOS 11 and navigate towards Settings > General > iPhone (or iPad) Storage. Users should see a colorful chart at the top, with each color representing an app taking up space or some type of data.

The new tool will make suggestions

One of the interesting things about this tool for iOS 11, is the fact that it takes it upon itself to make suggestions as to which app to remove for the sake of saving space. The tool also recommends which app to download to help with preserving more space. For example, it might recommend iCloud, but also give an estimate as to a number of storage users could save by using the cloud platform.

For those who receive and send a lot of messages via iMessage, there's a feature known as Messages in iCloud. It's a fancy name for synching iMessages to iCloud, which ultimately saves quite a lot of local space. Apple should have done this years ago, but as the saying goes, "better late than never."

The new iOS 11 automatically remove apps

Scrolling down the iPhone Storage section will highlight several installed apps.

It shows the amount of space an app is using and the last time the user launched it. This is where Apple will ask its users to offload apps, which means, the system will determine which apps haven't been used in a long while and automatically removes it from the phone.

The good new is, when the user wants to install the app again, all the previous data will be there unless the user removed them prior.

Note, folks who are not interested in offloading apps automatically can do so manually by tapping on the app in the iPhone Storage section, then tap on Offload App. Offloading apps is a great addition because smartphone users tend to install several apps on a regular basis, and many of them go unused. Because apps are so easy to install, users do not take into consideration that preserving space is very important.

Apple is late to market with the suggestion feature. Google and Microsoft had this feature up and running on Android and Windows Mobile 10 respectively for a number of years, and Apple is now only bringing the feature to its fans.