There’s usually a ruckus at around this time of year, especially in the technology market. Major smartphone brands often introduce their respective flagship smartphones between the months of July and October. Cupertino-based technology giant Apple is certainly among the top contenders that deliver a tough competition to all the rest. Each year, Apple manages to make the most yearly-profit.

However, there are going to be a few changes this year, suggests Huawei CEO.

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Huawei is expected to introduce its Mate 10 flagship smartphone towards the end of August, probably at the IFA, 2017 event and as per what Huawei’s CEO had to say, the smartphone-manufacturer will be giving a tough fight to win to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8.

Apple vs. Huawei

According to a report published by Bloomberg, Huawei has big plans set for this year. The China-based device manufacturer hopes to become the world’s top brand as far as smartphones are concerned. To do this, they will probably have to take many big-smartphone brands including Apple. Huawei CEO recently made a statement that suggests that the company’s upcoming Mate 10 flagship smartphone will be seen as challenging Apple’s iPhone 8. The same report indicates that Huawei also plans on stealing Apple’s on-going revenue and profits.

Specs and features

The upcoming Mate 10 flagship smartphone will be seen as equipping the best of the features available in terms of advancements till date. According to Huawei CEO, Richard Yu the smartphone will also be packing an extended, long-lasting battery life.

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The battery life will be among the top priorities for Huawei this year as the company also plans on ensuring that its battery remains sufficiently charged at speedier levels. The upcoming smartphone is also expected to pack a completely bezel-less design, similar to what iPhone 8 is rumored to carry. Another primary highlight of the upcoming Huawei Mate 10 will be its camera. Unfortunately, Huawei CEO, Richard Yu hasn’t provided any other details other than what has been mentioned above.

It certainly will be a difficult fight for Huawei to win as Apple completes ten years with its iPhone flagship device this year and thus, is expected to bring the best of the advancements in the upcoming iPhone 8 device. In fact, it is also expected to be among the priciest offerings made by Apple till date. The device may come at a price of $1,000. However, that remains unconfirmed.