Graphics processing unit or GPUs’ primary function is to accelerate the computing experience. GPUs along with CPUs are designed in a manner that facilitates three most important factors in the computer, Deep Learning, Analytics, and engineering applications. Some of the major brands delivering the best GPUs at the moment are, NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel among others.


There’s a small Difference between GPUs and CPUs – an aspect that remains unclear in the minds of many. A method to simply understand this difference is to observe how the respective systems process different tasks. While Cpu contains few cores that are put to use in a distributed serial processing, Gpu has a rather complex structure consisting of smaller but efficient cores that handle multiple tasks at once.The potential of GPUs has grown exponentially over the years.

The power of GPUs has spread to other sectors too, including data centers, universities, enterprises and small and medium businesses across the globe. Not only computing gadgets, but there will come a time where GPUs are being used to power a range of different platforms from cars to artificial intelligence, robots, and drones. Not simply hardware, but there are a lot of software applications that are powered by GPU-acceleration as well. How does it work? Well, the compute-intensive part of a particular software application is offloaded by GPU-accelerated computing. Meanwhile, the remaining code is powered by CPU. What users don’t realize is that the applications run faster due to a stable coordination between GPU and CPU.

Use in different areas or sectors

Like mentioned previously, the potential of GPUs is exponentially growing.

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Recently, ZDNet published a report that stated that an increasing number of oil and gas companies were outputting huge amounts of data. This data was varied by nature – all the way from drilling to weather conditions and seismic activity among other factors. However, in order to ensure that these remain on par with the current global market, it is essential that the data is quickly accessed and easily processed. Experts believe that the key to achieving this is to make use of GPUs. Graphics processing units, with their high computing power and substantial memory, can easily be used by companies to track measure and store data in a matter of seconds. An increasing number of GPU manufacturers are collaborating with vendors such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Dell to build such an ecosystem that can help in this initiative.