Google Android O is all set to be unveiled later this summer. The latest mobile operating system from the company is a highly-anticipated update that many premium smartphone users are waiting for. However, Google revealed that it has now released the final preview build for the OS. The company also said that it was well within its scheduled time for the release of the Android O software.

Android Nougat released in August last year, which seems to hint at the fact that the latest operating system will also most likely hit smartphones by the end of August.

However, technically speaking, the Android O could be launched any time before September 22, as that is officially the end of summer. The latest preview version does not change much in terms of the external features and adds minor fixes and stability improvements.

Android O final preview seeded

According to BGR, Google’s mobile operating system will undergo a vast array of changes while introducing a host of new features. Android is the most widely used smartphone platform, so this makes the updated version even more important in the smartphone market. Android developers will also be able to start checking their apps on the final preview build, even if they do not plan on supporting the new features added through Android O.

These developers will have to update their Android Studio to the latest version, which serves as Google’s IDE for writing apps. Even Google Play Store has been updated to run apps developed on the new API. The Android O developer’s final preview is also available for regular Android smartphone users. The update can be downloaded over-the-air, similar to all other updates.

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However, Google has warned users to bear in mind that the latest build is still not the final version, which can lead to some issues on the handsets it is installed in. Most consumers will do well to forego installing the preview build and instead wait for the final release a month or so later. The list of supported devices for the preview build of Android O include Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Google Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and Nexus Player.

Android O features

Some of the most anticipated features of the platform include notification channels, picture-in-picture, and shortcut pinning. Notification channels are said to be a system through which users will be able to assign notifications to various channels depending on factors such as importance and sound. Pinned shortcuts refer to pinning a specific widget onto the home screen of the device. Many other features such as these are expected to land alongside the new Android O operating system.