Google launched a job hunting initiative called Jobs a few days back. With it, anyone seeking employment can directly search for their preferred form of job through the Google search engine itself, without having to resort to visiting third party job portals to search for the same. Now, Google has launched another handy tool, this time focused on solving the problems of the employers. This new program is aptly named "Hire."

Google launches Hire

Hire is a tool which can be used by employers to keep better track of all the job applicants and their records.

Being a business-centric program, Hire is fully compatible with G Suite. It lets employers quickly access an applicant's contact information, calendar invites, resume, and profiles. It also lets employers share feedback among them regarding an applicant inside the profile itself.

The new tool is mainly targeted toward small and mid-sized businesses and is expected to simplify and streamline the process of hiring the right employee for a particular job. All emails viewed through Hire or Gmail would also get saved on the other one as well to simplify accessing the necessary files when needed. The data can also be ported directly into sheets for better manageability and ease of access.

All interview appointments will be automatically added to the Calendar app along with the contact information of the applicant.

Employers can also note down the questions that they want to ask a particular applicant during the interview in their profiles or even what course of action they want to take during the interview process. Hire is designed to aid the employer throughout the entire recruitment process which starts from the preliminary rounds and ends at the final round of interview.

Google had been testing Hire for a long time

The Alphabet-owned company has been testing the Hire tool for well over a year and has now finally launched the official version of the program. With it, the company plans to provide better recruitment solutions to its corporate clients. Its main aim was to create a tool which will allow all employers to become involved with the recruitment process and, at the same time, achieve a streamlined and easy selection procedure.

Simply put, Hire can be said to be an overlay for Gmail, with a number of organizational and management functionalities which are included to make interview processes hassle free. Currently, the Hire tool is only being marketed to companies with 1,000 or fewer employees, which cannot outsource the hiring process to another firm. Google has currently made Hire exclusive to G Suite users in the United States. However, the service is expected to reach other parts of the world soon.