Google is currently running a special offer for Google Play Music which is restricted only to U.S. customers. Subscribers who will be joining the platform will get Free four months of the service for free instead of the usual three months. Thus, if you were considering to try out the service now would be the time to do it.

Under normal circumstances, new subscribers signing up for the music service get three months of free service. However, this offer is increasing the time limit by 30 percent by adding up to 30 more days on the freebie list. There is currently no information on how long this offer will last, so it is advisable for interested subscribers to join up right now.

Additionally availing the offer will also give you a chance to save an extra $10.

Mix your playlist

A unique feature of Google Play Music is that the service allows its subscribers to mix their own music library with those of the service. This feature comes in handy as it prevents the user from toggling between their apps or device while listening to his/her favorite tracks. Additionally, it also provides the user with the facility of listening to the artists’ one is passionate about, all the while capitalizing on Play Music’s larger database for discovering new content.

Although there are many different types of music services available, there are not many options if one wants to combine their own curated playlist with the music available on the app via subscription.

The only music service that comes close to Music Play in this aspect is Spotify. This service allows the subscriber to play locally stored music files on its app. Although it is convenient, the use and feel of the feature in Spotify is not as smooth as that of Play Music.

However, Amazon allows its users to upload their music on Amazon Music.

If the users take the Amazon Prime membership, then they additionally get a small library of streaming music with the subscription. Normal subscribers can access Amazon’s full library for $10 a month while Prime members can do the same for $8. However, Amazon lacks in interface and plugs which are nicely placed on Play Music.

Features of Google Play Music

The service gives access and an ad-free experience for listening to 35 million songs on-demand. Thanks to its universal presence, one can use the service across all mediums whether it is Android, iOS, or web. If the subscriber likes a song he/she can also download the same and can keep listening to it even when they are not connected to the internet.