iPhones are extremely popular devices from Apple and most people in the United States are reluctant to purchase any other brand smartphones because of the dependability and efficiency of iPhones. However, one user suffered a lot after buying an iPhone 4s as a result of which she is now suing the Cupertino-based company. State Farm, an insurance firm, is also suing the company related to the same case.

iPhone burns down owner’s home

Xai Thao is suing Apple after investigations proved that her iPhone 4s was responsible for overheating and burning down her home in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The incident occurred back in 2016. The investigations by the insurance company, State Farm, revealed that there was no other materials present in the room at the time which could have caused the flames that engulfed the house, other than Thao’s iPhone 4s.

Thao is now suing the Cupertino-based company for damages and claims that she bought the brand new iPhone in 2014 and never once had it repaired or in any other way tampered with. The investigations by the insurance firm revealed that the overheating and subsequent shorting caused the fire to start from within the battery. The flames quickly spread until the whole house went up in flames, causing damages of $75,000.

The insurance company had to cover for most of the damages, but Thao claims that she had to pay for the remaining repairs which were not covered by her insurance.

Both the firm and Thao are now suing Apple and requesting to receive unspecified damages from the company. There has been no response to these charges put forward against the company by Thao.

History of smartphone causing fires

This is not the first time that users of the iPhones have claimed that the handsets are prone to overheating and sometime causing fires.

Back in March, there were reports that an iPhone 6 Plus exploded while in the hands of its owner. Fortunately, it did not cause any kind of injury or harm to property at that time. However, it revealed the dangerous nature of these smartphones.

Other similar reports included a scary experience when users found that their iPhones were expelling smoke while they slept at night.

This incident could have resulted in serious injuries to the user if it had not been spotted at the earliest instance by the owner’s husband who was lying next to her. Apple’s devices are not the only ones to blame however as the famed Galaxy Note 7 fiasco of 2016 proved. Samsung had to recall the complete Galaxy Note 7 line due to its propensity to burst out into flames.