Samsung is expected to unveil one more premium handset by the end of the year, this device being the #Galaxy Note 8. The phablet is the successor to the now defunct Galaxy Note 7. Needless to say, there is a lot riding for the South Korean company on the performance of this handset. Samsung has changed many of the features since last year. However, a new leaked image shows one particular feature that does not seem to have undergone much change, i.e. the S #Pen stylus.

S Pen stylus image leaked

Earlier on a leaked render allegedly belonging to the upcoming phablet teased what the device would look like and some of its features.

Alongside the device, however, the render also revealed the #S Pen which Samsung will offer fans who buy the Galaxy Note 8. In that image, the stylus did not really stand out as it looked quite familiar to the S Pen from the Galaxy Note 7.

However, on Friday, July 21, an image which allegedly belonged to the S Pen coming with the next-gen device was leaked on Slash Leaks. The two pictures uploaded are not of great quality and show a hazy image of what the leakster claims to be the stylus pen coming with the new phablet from Samsung. Once again, it does not look any different from last year’s S Pen and could very easily be the stylus that came with Samsung's last year's phablet.

S Pen Leak: Is it authentic?

It’s very difficult to determine whether the image is authentic or not, considering that the S Pen shown off is completely similar to what the predecessor to the Galaxy Note 8 came with.

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It is quite natural that Samsung would have updated the S Pen as well along with all of the specs of the impending phablet. In that respect, these leaked images may not be authentic as they seem to be a complete copy of the last year’s stylus.

Sometime after the Slash Leak images surfaced online, a Twitter user going by the handle Ice Universe claimed that these images were fakes. The user claimed that they were actually the S Pen that was shipped with the defunct Galaxy Note 7 last year. Currently, there is no real confirmation on these images or whether they are the real ones.

Interested fans of the Galaxy Note 8 will probably have to wait until late August or early September to find out what the phablet actually sports. Samsung is expected to launch the device a bit sooner this year owing to the poor sales of the Galaxy S8 flagships. For the moment, smartphone enthusiasts should take all rumors regarding the phablet with a pinch of salt.