As the highly-anticipated iPhone 8’s launch date draws near, rumors and speculations regarding the upcoming handset are also piling up. Most aspects and features that the flagship device may sport has been talked about in the past few months. However, now a new series of renders have arrived of the device based on CAD drawings of the phone from case designer Nodus.

Case designers are usually made aware of a particular handset’s design so that they can begin producing the cases for the impending handsets a few months before their launch. This time around, Nodus and Forbes worked together to create renders of what the iPhone 8 would look like.

The design also revealed crucial information about the device’s feature.

iPhone 8 may sport Touch ID sensor on the power button

The renders revealed a larger power button on the side of the upcoming handset. This may indicate that Apple has finally decided to include the Touch Id sensor on the power button itself. The Cupertino-based company was reportedly having trouble figuring out how to integrate the fingerprint technology on the iPhone 8 since the device lacks a physical home button. Earlier rumors suggested that the company had found a way to include the technology in the display panel itself. However, latest reports indicated that Apple had run into some trouble regarding its under-the-display Fingerprint Sensor.

Prior reports claimed that due to these problems, the company would likely ditch the Touch ID sensor in the iPhone 8 in favor of advanced biometrics such as iris scanning and 3D facial recognition technology. However, the Forbes render now reveals that the company may instead just decide to re-position the Touch ID on the power button.

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The report also revealed that Apple had been awarded a patent for such technology as well.

What else do the renders reveal

Apart from the Touch ID location, the renders show other aspects of the impending iPhone 8 as well, which are all in line with the latest rumors. The released renders showcase a device which sports a 5.8-inch display with almost no bezels.

The upper part of the device will have a small cutout where the front facing camera and iris scanning sensors are located. This indicates that the notifications will be moved to a new Function Area in iOS 11.

The iPhone 8 renders also reveal a vertically aligned dual rear camera set up at the back, which may have been adapted to support better-augmented reality functionality. The Forbes report also confirms that iPhone 8 will most likely sport the Lightning port and not the USB C connectivity, which was rumored earlier. The headphone jack will be absent once again, similar to last year’s iPhone flagships.