Microsoft is trying its best to bring its artificial intelligence assistant Cortana, at par with Windows Phone version of the same. However, despite lagging behind, the Android edition of the AI has improved considerably. This is largely thanks to an array of updates that have been rolled out by the Redmond-based firm. The latest update that was pushed out for Cortana on Android brings some significant, as well as noticeable changes in the systems. The update also aims to improve the user experience while using Microsoft’s personal virtual assistant.

Cortana for Android gets major overhaul

The latest update dubbed Cortana 2.9.0 is currently available on the Google Play store and was rolled out on July 28, Saturday.

The update can be downloaded and installed on smartphones running Android 4.4 KitKat and above versions. One of the major changes that came with Cortana 2.9.0 is the redesigned Settings page.

The Settings page has been given a new design for easier management of the AI. The most stand-out change in the Settings in the inclusion of the hamburger menu which will replace the Navigation Bar at the bottom. The newly added hamburger menu will provide the user with quick access to the Settings of the app, the user’s notebook, the different themes for Cortana, and more. Previously all the above-mentioned features were included inside the navigation bar at the bottom. Apart from that, it was also difficult to access Cortana’s settings from the bottom navigation bar.

Apart from this, the Cortana 2.9.0 provides the user the option to make calls and text with using their hands.

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The latest update also provides the users quick-hands control of their reminders. The reminder has been shifted to the top right so that it is easier to reach for the user. The Cortana 2.9.0 update looks like a major upgrade over the previous editions of the app. However, starting this version, Cortana with Microsoft Band 2 will no longer be supported on the Android smartphone for this particular app. The best part about the latest update is that it brings all the important things of the app within an accessible range. The users can access important things which are now just a tap or swipe away.

Converse with Cortana through the lock screen on Android smartphones

The previous update for Cortana brought in one of the most requested features to the AI. Microsoft included the ability to interact with it directly, even when the phone is locked. After the addition of the feature, users could wake the smartphone and swipe over to see what’s going for them in the day, without unlocking the smartphone. Cortana on Android users can now ask the AI, set reminders, and do many more activities with the help of the digital assistant without unlocking the smartphone.