Computer water cooling or liquid cooling is the best system to lower the excess temperature of Computer Hardware such as Central Processing Unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU). Generally distilled water is used as coolant. Liquid cooling devices retain its desired operating temperature as compared to air cooling devices. Moreover it is more efficient than air because of its high thermal conductivity and specific heat than air and these properties leads it to absorb heat quickly. It is an unprecedented technique of modern era as this process removes heat from critical spots. Providing ease to people who carry out intensive work like gaming and video editing in which computer becomes overheated because of long running time and heavy load.


Nowadays fans are used to lessen temperature of computer but they are less efficient than water cooling, creating noise pollution but water cooling prevents noise, enabling you to enjoy your work comfortably.

Additionally overclocking is used to make computer faster by modification of computer parts designed by the manufacturer. Overclocking enhances hardware performance and it generates a lot of heat and liquid cooling reduces overheating of hardware.

How computer water cooling works

The coolant is enclosed in separate loop called water loop and it does not touches electrical components. Water cooled computer system is based on principle of thermodynamics, "heat always flows from higher temperature difference to lower temperature difference", here is the application of this law that heat is transferring from warmer component of computer to coolant.

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In fact, the working of computer water cooling system is similar to cooling system of car; coolant circulates from engine to radiator which cools off it, then it moves back to engine, at the same time a fan cools the warm radiator. In computer water cooling system, cool water absorbs heat when it flows through channels and get warm, then warm water exits the central processing unit and travels to radiator which cools off warm water and radiator itself turns out warm due to exchange of heat. At the radiator, water is cooled by a fan which is to be blowing air over water.

Components required for building computer water cooling system

The following components are needed for construction of water cooled PC

  • Water block

Water block is made up of metals which are good conductors of heat like copper or iron.


Water block transmit heat from computer component to the liquid inside water block.

  • Reservoir

It is used to store excess coolant and vent air bubbles in a loop.

  • Pump

It is the most essential part of entire system. The purpose of pump is to circulate coolant in the loop. Centrifugal submersible pumps are usually installed.

  • Radiator

Radiator cools off coolant inside a loop. It has fins which absorb heat.

  • Fans

Fans are attached to a radiator which cools radiator fins.

  • Fittings

Tubes and pipes are fixed with other components in a loop with fittings.

  • Tubing

Tubes join every component in a loop.

You can build your own loop for removing heat from PCs by using above components.