AMD is preparing to bring its new Ryzen CPU to the market to compete directly with Intel and Nvidia’s finest chips. The company has showcased what Ryzen is capable of at the New Horizon event back in late 2016, and has also done the same at CES 2017 where it also talked about its new GPU architecture, Vega.

AMD Ryzen processors overclocking and unlocked ready

CES 2017 is where many tech companies visit each year to showcase their upcoming products, and AMD is no different in this regard. The company is preparing itself for a big fight this year with Intel, and it would seem as if confidence is at an all-time high.

Here’s the thing, AMD made a blistering press briefing at CES 2017 where it mentioned that all Ryzen CPUs would be unlocked and overclock ready right out of the box. The company was clear to state that there won’t be a single locked Ryzen CPU released for public consumption.

We understand that AM4 X370, X300, and B350 will all support overclocking, something that should bring joy to the face of all fans of AMD along with enthusiasts. Furthermore, there will be different versions of the Ryzen CPUs. From what we have come to understand, they will come with varying core counts with the highest being eight cores and 16 threads.

AMD Ryzen’s launch date

We do not know the exact date AMD plans to release Ryzen to the world, but we do know it’s coming closer to the middle of Q1 instead of the end of Q1.

It simply means folks should keep an eye out because Ryzen is coming very soon.

For folks looking for liquid and air cooling solutions for AM4 motherboards, these are expected to hit store shelves on day one. As for motherboard pricing, we’re unable to give a number seeing as AMD and its partners have yet to make a formal announcement.

Still, we should expect varying prices since there are three types of AM4 motherboards. One type for the low-end, another for the mid-range, and finally the X370 designed for the high-end and enthusiast.

Features supported by X370 AM4 motherboards:

Motherboards based on the X370 will come with four DDR4 slots, six USB 2 ports, three USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports, and NVMe.

Furthermore, for those who want to use M.2 SATA SSDs, worry not because the AM4 X370 boards will support this specification.

The year 2017 should be the one where computer users say, “AMD is back.” However, knowing the history of AMD, the company could be all talk but no walk, but we’ll soon find out.