GPU-manufacturer AMD only recently announced its new line-up of Radeon RX Vega GPU cards. The Radeon Vega-based architecture has been awaited by the gaming world since a very long time. The company is heavily-speculated to take the wraps off its latest lineup of GPU cards at the upcoming SIGGRAPH, 2017 event scheduled to take place on 30th July. Therefore, just ahead of the launch, it is quite natural for leaks and speculations regarding the upcoming lineup of GPU cards to surface online.

Specifications of the device

The latest benchmarks and images reveal all the key specifications set to arrive with Radeon RX Vega graphics cards. According to a report published by Digital Trends, AMD’s Senior Technical Marketing Specialist, Jason Evangelho was apparently the one to publish the latest Benchmark results. The report suggests that Jason Evangelho who goes by the name of ‘TheGameTechnician’, conducted the typical 3DMark Fire Strike test. What remains uncertain is exactly what the nature of the card is, that underwent the testing.

While several reports claim that the Radeon RX Vega that underwent the test is targeted towards the gaming community. However, there are others that suggest that they might belong to the silent mode.

FreeSync versus G-Sync benchmark test

As per the image revealed on through the GFXBench website, it can be observed that the model present in the image finds its reference to the model that is supposed to be used in a FreeSync versus G-Sync benchmark test against the GeForce Gtx 1080 Ti graphics card.

Through the image, it is also revealed that AMD’s official logo is printed on the front panel of the card. The GPU cards also further feature a protective cover, whose nature cannot be judged merely through its visibility.

AMD is extremely keen and has high hopes pinned to its upcoming Radeon RX Vega GPU cards. The company, according to several reports, is hoping to make its heavily-speculated comeback in the gaming community.

Apart from this, the latest lineup of GPU cards is also rumored to work in lines with the company’s already-existing Ryzen desktop processors. Therefore, the former automatically holds much more importance for the company. At the same time, the majority of the gaming devices already comes equipped with NVIDIA’s processors. AMD thus plans on taking on NVIDIA through its latest innovation as well. The two super-power brands have also been lately exploring other sectors in the market including digital currencies and bitcoin technology.

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