Asus launched its Chrome-powered Chromebook Flip C101 at the Computex, 2017. However, at that time ASUS didn’t make any mention of the exact date of release. However, a new report suggests that the ASUS Chromebook Flip C101 has been listed for sale on one of the online websites. The device will compete with laptop-cum-tablet computers, including the Apple iPad Mini. The said gadget will be a mid-range product of the company.

Release date is not confirmed

As first reported by Chrome Unboxed, the ASUS Chromebook Flip C101 was spotted on sometime earlier this week but the posting was immediately removed.

As mentioned before, ASUS announced its Chrome OS-powered laptop back at Computex, 2017 with no specific launch date in mind. Several reports started indicating that the laptop will be introduced by the end of summer. The information wasn’t confirmed by the company, and no authentic sources could be traced.

A mid-range device with decent specs

Meanwhile, according to the listing available on the website, the Chromebook Flip C101 laptop by ASUS carried model number ‘FS002.’ The listing also went on to reveal major details regarding the upcoming device. By this information, the device will be seen featuring 350-nits of screen brightness. If this turns out to be true, it will be a significant update in comparison to its predecessor.

When ASUS first took the wraps off its Chromebook Flip C100 last year, several users posted complaints regarding many problems with the device. While the device is not among the brightest ones on the market at the moment, it certainly does facilitate the requirements of the majority of the users.

As pointed by Android Headlines, none of the above-given information is official as of yet.

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ASUS hasn’t provided any confirmations regarding the same. However, it seems likely that ASUS opts for 350-nits worth of brightness for its upcoming Chrome OS-powered laptop. The laptop is expected to hit the shelves in the US initially by the end of Q3, 2017 at a starting price of $399.99. The ASUS Chromebook Flip C100 was priced at around $299.99, as can be recalled.

There’s a $100 rise in the price, which is self-explanatory given the number of new features that the former comes packed with. No other information regarding the same has been made available as yet. For more tech news and updates, stay tuned.