Apple has yet to unveil this year’s flagship device, the iPhone 8. However, even before the iPhone 8’ release publications are gathering reports of the 2018 Apple flagship, allegedly dubbed the iPhone 9. As rumors about the iPhone 8 continue to grow day after day, a new report claims that Apple has already selected a partner who would deliver the batteries for the iPhone 9 next year.

iPhone 9 batteries to be supplied by LG

The Korea Economic Daily recently published reports which indicated that Apple had already handed out the deal of supplying the batteries for the iPhone 9, to debut next year, to LG Chemical.

It is also reported that LG Chemical would be the sole supplier of the batteries for Apple. Usually apple takes a multiple vendor approach when it comes to the battery of a particular iPhone, but this time around the complete deal has been offered to LG.

The publication wrote that Apple had handed LG Chemical the complete responsibility for next year’s flagship device’s batteries because LG has recently invested billions of South Korean won into its battery producing technology. This investment was a means of impressing the Cupertino-based company enough to clinch the battery deal for the iPhone 9.

iPhone 9 battery to be L-shaped

The Korea Economic Daily also revealed that the battery which LG Chemical is producing for the iPhone 9 will take advantage of the L-shaped structure.

This new form of battery allows companies to offer better battery life and longevity to users without having to increase the size of the device itself. Often time larger battery life comes at the cost of the handset being bulky and heavy. However, the L-shaped battery is said to be an effective way of going around this problem.

Other companies, like Samsung still prefer the traditional rectangular batteries, as do most other OEMs in the market today. Earlier reports have indicated that aside from the iPhone 9, Apple is expected to release two other OLED handsets in 2018. One of these is expected to sport a 5.28-inch display, while the other one would likely be a phablet boasting 6.46-inch display.

Although there is no way to confirm the reports regarding the iPhone 9’s battery, it could be true as Apple is expected to be in the deep stages of developing the next year flagship. The Cupertino-based company is known to work on incredibly long timeline. However, even if true, things can change over the course of the next 14 months. So, fans should take this report with a grain of salt at the moment.