Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 8, is coming later this year and it seems that the company wants to install their upcoming device with new features that they have never done before.

Apple is creating its own OLED

A post from Mac Rumors claimed that Apple has obtained a machinery specialist for Sunic System to create the company’s own OLED panel line research and development in Taiwan. The Sunic System is known for being one of the best Korea-based manufacturing systems for Organic Light-Emitting Diode's production and supply for Mass Production industries.

Apple has also purchased chemical vapor deposition or CVD machines from Sunic in order to reduce its reliance on Chinese dealers, ramping up the company’s R&D into an OLED panel and related technology. The reason why Apple acquired these machines was because they possess a method for the fabrication and synthesis of thin films of polymeric objects, including the construction of the OLED panel coatings along with its barrier properties.

iPhone 8 features leaked

GSM Arena confirmed the new iPhone 8 details, saying that the device's starting price will range around $1,000 to $1,200. The model will also come with 128GB and 256 GB of storage. To make the upcoming device less prone to accidents from the user’s hand and activities, iPhone 8 will feature OLED screen’s bezel of 5.8-inches while the size will be around 4mm on all sides.

As for the speaker, the upcoming iPhone will use a combination of an amplified ear piece and a bottom speaker. There are also rumors that the device will feature either a huge power button or a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

When it comes to charger accessories, the device charging cable will feature a USB-C at the other end, which will be the first time that the company will have a fast charging handset.

The upcoming phone will also be equipped with an endurance battery like the iPhone 7 Plus but its physical size will be a bit smaller.

Release date

Usually, new iPhones will go on sale in September which means that Apple might release the upcoming iPhone in their third calendar quarter. However, some experts said that the device might not be released until October or November.

For example, the company sold 13 million iPhones in their first weekend of release in 2015 and those devices were delivered late in September.

Even though the upcoming device is expected in Apple’s September or November quarter, it won't make any difference. Besides, it is only one week of sales, and if the iPhone 8 launches in October, it still means that the company will have huge sales in the December quarter.