Cupertino tech-giant Apple is expected to launch its much-awaited iPhone 8 smartphone sometime in September this year. If reports are believed to be true, then the upcoming iPhone 8 device is going to come packed with an all-screen OLED display.

The use of Augmented Reality

Furthermore, the upcoming device will also extend support for the latest technology including augmented reality (AR) and Wireless Charging Technology among other aspects. The firm, at its recently concluded WWDC, 2017 event took the wraps off its latest iOS 11 updates as well.

While the developer and the public beta version of the iOS 11 is already available to its users, the final one is yet to arrive later this year. However, on the basis of the information revealed through the beta version, following given features can be expected in the upcoming iPhone 8 device.


Let’s take a look.

A whole new experience with iOS 11

According to a report published by 9 to 5 Mac, iOS 11 is expected to introduce certain significant user interface tweaks. The upcoming interface will be more rounded as compared to the previous versions. Furthermore, the latest iOS 11 update also brings along with it a feature called the ‘Dark Mode.’ Experts are convinced that ‘Dark Mode’ will be rigorously introduced in the upcoming iPhone 8 as well. In fact, ‘Dark Mode’ is expected to replace the basic setting of the iPhone device altogether. The latest iOS 11 is also expected to improve the overall mobile viewing experience of the iPhone 8 as well. Experts have suggested that the iPhone 8 will be featuring a 16:9 ratio. This will allow content to be viewed without getting cropped in the device.

Top Videos of the Day

As far as the camera is concerned, Apple is expected to integrate the new HEVC and HEIF camera fronts in the upcoming iPhone 8 through the latest iOS 11 update. This will allow users to not only experience a surge in the quality of the pictures produced but these images will also be taking much lesser space in the device.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook also recently announced that Apple plans on taking full advantage of the Augmented Reality technology in its upcoming iPhone 8. This is also going to be achieved through the means of the AR-Kit framework introduced in iOS 11 software update. Apple will be launching the iPhone 8 in September this year and reports have indicated that the device is going to be among the most expensive offerings from the side of the company till date, starting at a base price of $1000. Apple hasn’t provided any official confirmation as yet.